The Ancient Durrës “wins” over present-day Durrës, the students of high school “Petro Nini Luarasi” proposed to be a combination between two times, in modernizing this city.

The modern cities, built on the ruins of ancient cities, are the only ones in the “arena” of which two different worlds could face and spread between their values. This is valid for a city like Durrës with high-rise building and harbor for yachts, or Dyrrah before Christ with classic amphitheater.

The students of high school “Petro Nini Luarasi” in Tirana, in collaboration with the National Historical Museum presented the curriculum project entitled “Modern Durrës vs Antique Durrës”. Throughout their works the students had designed Durrës city over three times: 1-During antiquity; 2-During the Middle Ages; 3-Nowadays.

The students brought facts and data through which promote the city’s tourism values. The particularity of the whole project was the focus and the importance given to the environmental and territorial factors, comparing and analyzing each element to reach the assessment that; which time could be considered a “City for the people”. The result was that the Ancient Durrës “wins” over present-day Durrës for the historical, archaeological and architectural values. The students also proposed to be a combination between two times, in a manner that the city should not lose the historical value it has, and turns into a “smart city” while preserving the archaeological sites and being modernized.

The Director of National Historical Museum, Mr. Melsi Labi, praised the interest of the youth in studying the city of Durrës, the international archeology city and the capital archaeological site of Albania, with an active civic life of twenty-eight centuries.

Prof. dr. Lida Miraj expressed that this was an impressive event. She was enthusiastic about the students’ work and the realization of this project. Prof. Miraj accompanied the students during their visit to Durrës by explaining all the monuments of the ancient city. The director of the high school “Petro Nini Luarasi”, Mrs. Teuta Bracaj, thanked the National Historical Museum and the director Labi Melsi for the realization of this project. The participant’s students in the project were appreciated by certificates.

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