Dinos Koubatis revives Ali Podrimja from the complexity of silence

Can the concept of time change? Does it lose its importance or gain more value in a particular segment, which could be a century, a decade, or five simple earthly years? Definitely yes! There is no need for applied physics or mathematical calculations in this matter. This divine thing is made possible by a single poet. His name is Ali Podrimja, born in Kosovo (Gjakova) and died in France (Lodeve). Five years after his death in mysterious and unclear circumstances, another artist, Greek poet, devotes to his friend, a special book. “Ali Podrimja in Memoriam” is a volume that Dinos Koubatis donates to all Albanians. Friends of Ali Podrimja and Dinos Koubatis were gathered at the National Historical Museum to promote this amazing book. The Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr. Pandeli Majko, was present at this event too.

“The Albanian language, for two decades, through Podrimija’s art has flown through European skies to confess the beauties and tragedies of a small nation in the end of the century of light in the middle of Europe,” said in his opening speech Dr.Dorian Koçi. For Prof. Përparim Kaba, it is very interesting that a Greek poet writes about a poet from Kosovo. Exactly a man like Dinos Koubatis overcomes the obstacles that politics raises in the Balkan. Dino united us in this Museum, not to treat Ali as museum object, but to disassociate him from the complexity of silence. At the end Mr. Kabo acted as Podrimja was watching us from Heaven in that very same moment, and had a “conversation” with him, ending it with an emotional question: “Ali, are you listening?”  In the end Mr. Kubatis briefly showed how he first visited Albania in 1995 through Ilirian Zhupa. How he had published a book who through “Faik Konica” publishing house and was later introduced to Irena Toçi (Toena) to continue further cooperation. He described Ali Podrimja as a dear friend and his death as an international loss.

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