Rare Albanian weapons in a peerl​ess exhibition.

Within the 105th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, the exhibition “Weapons of Albanian Masters” was organized at the Main Hall in the National Historical Museum. In this exhibition were displayed 47 objects: 21 pistols, 8 rifles, 10 cartridges, 2 ramrods and 6 yataghans. Weapons were illustrated with engravings, where the art of Albanian armorers is reflected. The technique used in these decorations is called Filigree. The exhibition was curated by the Museum’s staff.. Director Koçi explained that there are many original weapons, rifles, pistols, yataghans, cartridges, etc in our Museum, manufactured and decorated by the armorers of the time. Faik Konitza, when describing the handicrafts of Albanians, said: “Two were the best handicrafts of Albanians – jewelery and embroidery. Their weapons were made of silver, but also covered with gold. ”

Between the XVIII-XX centuries there was comprehensive development of handicrafts, including armour handicraft too. The most important centers of weapon’s production were in Shkodra, Prizren, Debar, Berat, Elbasan and Ioannina. Elbasan has been producing firearms since 1670. The Albanians of Shkodra, Gjakova and Prizren were skilled in the production of weapons and other metal objects. Their fame went too far. At London’s Contest in 1866 and Paris Universal Exhibition in 1867 these weapons received honorary titles.

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