“105th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence. This flag unifies all Albanians”- Dr. Dorian Koçi.

“We are like Siamese brothers, when one is sick, the other sneezes.” According to this quote, borrowed from a well-known movie script, seemed that the High Gate of Asia required a brotherhood continuity with European Albanians. Meanwhile, it is hard to say that even Albanians, heavily influenced by the 500 year-old “love”, occasionally given the chance to take on the reins of the Empire itself, were divorcing joyfully from the occupiers. Whereas on 28th November 1912, after many difficult diplomatic negotiations in the chancellery of Europe, Ismail Qemali and 83 delegates from all areas came to proclaim the Independence of Albania. To commemorate such an important day for Albanians, the 105th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence was inaugurated at National Historical Museum. This exhibition was organized in cooperation with Nationwide Center of Collectors of Albania.

According to Dr. Koçi, Flag Day is of a particular importance because it is this flag that unites all Albanians in the Region. “This day and this flag unites and makes us all very proud. In the exhibition are exposed flags that were used since 1912 to 1920, in connection with Albanian’s great efforts within statehood.” said among others, in his greeting speech, director Koçi. The main objects of this thematic exhibition were the Pen, with which the Declaration of Independence was signed, the telegraphic apparatus with which the Provisional Government of Vlora received and sent telegrams during 1912-1914, the flags that belonged to the Independence period, an original photo of Ismail Qemali and others who signed the Declaration Act, original manuscripts, newspapers and magazines of that period. The flags of patriotic societies played an important role in the exhibition, which ignited the desire that their homeland was to be free and independent.

On his part, the president of the Nationwide Center of Collectors of Albania, Shpëtim Sala said that this exhibition comes as a result of the collaboration with National Historical Museum.

Then the students of the “Gustav Majer” school gave a concert with songs and recitations for the participants.

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