“The Magic of Gramophone”

The latest activity is the best reference to confess that the cooperation between the National Historical Museum and the General Directorate of Archives has intensified. “The Magic of Gramophone” comprising gramophones and magazines from Central State Archives (CSA) is also a joint exhibition, which was inaugurated on January 23rd.

In 1986 British collector Martin Moir donated to CSA over 18,000 gramophone plates, 20 mechanics and electrical ones, 2 phonographs and a number of periodical magazines dedicated to music plates. The opening of “The Magic of Gramophone” made it possible to launch Albanian folk music in National Historical Museum’s premises, recorded in discs of a technology that lacked for years, and is played by gramophones, some of which date back before World War II.

Dr. Dorian Koçi, highly appreciated this cooperation and also emphasized that such exhibitions makes us understand how Albanian’s social life was. He added: “We started this cooperation earlier, with the exhibition of Albanian Stamps, today with “The Magic of Gramaphone” and I hope to have other exhibitions to highlight the values of our cultural, historical, museum heritage that these two institutions share”.

Dr. Ardit Bido (Director General of Archives), pointed out that “Albania is a rich country with cultural heritage. The cooperation between the two institutions would continue in order that these museum objects, which are the property of the archives, will be known and presented to the public precisely through exposure in sympathetic places, such as the National Historical Museum.”

“The Magic of Gramaphone” presents the original collection of phonographs and gramophones. Through this exhibition, the CSA unveils an unknown side of it, the musical richness that has been silent for 30 years. Part of Moir’s gift was also a series of magazines such as “The Monthly Letter”, “The Strand”, “Gramophone” and editions related to the history of music and gramophone. ​

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