“Echoe Through the Centuries- George Castriot Skanderbeg”


 George Castriot, surnamed Alexander or Iskender, with a fine diplomacy even though holding a sword in his hand, told Albanians that the gateway to the great world did not pass by the Dardanelles, but across Adriatic. Patricia Nugee, a noble person, has taken on an important task; to collect consistently, without getting tired, everything is said and written about the National Hero of all Albanians.”Echoe Through the Centuries- George Castriot Skanderbeg” consists of 37 unique books, which are all part of the collection of Patricia Nugee. This honored woman comes from England and is in love with Albania and its history. Nugee is known for her great passion and rich collection, with more than 500 copies, totally devoted to Skanderbeg. She was appreciated with high gratitude by the former President of Albania, Mr. Alfred Moisiu.

“The era of Skanderbeg, the years of battles to stop the Ottoman invasion towards the west of Europe, are the most important and pro-European years of our history. Skanderbag was not only a capable military and strategist, but also a prominent politician and diplomat who established ties and relationships to co-operate with the greatest European powers of the time. George Castriot was the most consistent and prominent representative of the leading Albanian elite, who steadily led the war against the Ottoman Empire.”- said among others Dr. Dorian Koçi.

Afterwards, for the many attendees at the ceremony, Patricia Nugee highly praised the figure of Skanderbeg. She promised she would continue to enrich her rare collection of our National Hero. ​

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