The first volume of the series “Albania’s Mosaic Corpus”


 The first volume of the series “Albania’s Mosaic Corpus” was inaugurated at the National Historical Museum. This volume is a precious edition, dedicated to mosaics in the ancient city of Butrint by author Agron Islami and Marie-Patricia Raynaud.

Albania owns many archaeological sites which are rich in mosaics. Some of these mosaics have become a subject of study and restoration over the years. Other mosaics are expected to be studied, restored and documented through scientific publications.

The activity was welcomed by the Minister of Culture, Mrs. Mirela Kumbaro, who said that “The publication of this book is an initiative that I have followed and observed with great passion and interest for archeology​ and cultural heritage. We have an extraordinary Cultural Heritage, full of ever-increasing values. Every time we promote a study or a work that has to do with a specific area of Cultural Heritage, such as mosaics, is not only an assessment or a promotion for Albanian Cultural Heritage, but it is also a study and a manual for future students or restaurateurs. I want to congratulate both authors and express my gratitude to Marie-Patricia Raynaud for publishing this book. This act shows that culture has no passport. In fact, culture itself is the best passport for communication not only between specialists, but also between countries.” 

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