Venetian “King of Masks”

 In Venice he is known as the “King of Masks”. He conceives all kinds of parables, at a minimal cost, but with great value. He is inspired by portraits of historical characters, allegorical and mythological figures, as well as the tradition of “Italian Art Comedy”. His art is widely used in balls, carnival festivals or movies. He came to Tirana to present 100 of his best works.

National Historical Museum, Vladimir Myrtezai Grosha, curator Migena Hajdari (Italia Blu Art gallery) and the Italian Cultural Institute organized a meeting with master Guerrino Lovato. This event took place in the UNESCO hall. (National Historical Museum)

In his greeting speech, the Director of the National Historical Museum, Dr. Dorian Koçi would point out that Albania’s relations with Venice have been centuries-old. This institution seeks not only the preservation of national cultural heritage but also reflect the heritage of other countries as well.  “Masks are an important part of Venice culture, so the work of master Lovato must be made known in Albania,” concluded Dr. Koçi. Vladimir Myrtezai acknowledged the journey of Guerrino Lovato from Venice to Tirana. He pointed out that “master Lavato emerged from a country of great art”. One of his main priorities was to grasp the local culture in order to discover things unknown to the public before.

“I have used simple and low cost materials, even in paper, but arising at great value” said Guerrino Lovato.

Lovato graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He works in his own studio since 1983, where in addition to the famous Venetian masks, he conceives and creates instruments and machinery for theaters, operas and cinemas. His most famous work is called “Presepe di Vennezia Project”. He is the author of “Objects and sculptures in cardstock”. One of his most famous sculptures was requested by Vatican. It is called the statue of Jesus and is 6 meters high, in the style of Michelangelo.​

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