“I am Albanian”


 Within the Nationwide Year of George Castriot Scanderbeg, the National Historical Museum in cooperation with the Museum of Kosovo opened the exhibition “I am Albanian”. This exhibition includes photographic materials about the Albanian diaspora. Albania and Kosovo, celebrate 140th anniversary of the League of Prizren and the 110th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, as two of the largest national events.

Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports of Kosovo, Mr. Kujtim Gashi, emphasized at the opening ceremony that, “Today’s exhibition deals with a meaningful and equal theme for both Kosovo and Albania. This is the Albanian Diaspora. This event deepens deeply the cooperation and of joint activities in the near future. Our ministry fully supports such activities and joint projects between our museums. We need more consolidation, expansion and structuring within the scope of both institutions. ”


The Director of the National Historical Museum Mr. Dorian Koci said: “The new diaspora makes great efforts to successfully integrate into the economic, political and cultural life of the host countries. Also it affects the developments in Albania and serves as a bridge between itself and others. In many of the host countries, emigrants have established their own associations. “

Among the attendees, the director of the Museum of Kosovo stressed that: “The Museum of Kosovo is deeply grateful to the National Historical Museum. We both feel the same way about our Diaspora. ”

The exhibition was also greeted by the Ambassador of Albania in Kosovo, Qemal Minxhozi, who congratulated two museums for co-operation and called the Albanian-Kosovo Joint Cultural Calendar quite meaningful.

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