The second anniversary of the consecration of Gonxhe Bojaxhi – St. Theresa. The National Historical Museum promotes “Albanian Catholic Families in Skopje”, a book written by Skënder Asani, Albert Ramaj and Natasha Didenko.

The National Historical Museum in cooperation with the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians in Skopje organized the promotion of the book “Albanian Catholic Families in Skopje”. The authors of this book are Skënder Asani, Albert Ramaj and Natasha Didenko. Today, on this 2nd anniversary, the National Museum organizes also an exhibition called “Life through memories”.

To promote the book Dr. Dorian Koçi, said that: “It is a great pleasure for us to present “Albanian Catholic Families in Skopje “. Through this publication, the authors, using true historical facts and sources, aim to reflect the history of the Albanian Catholic families in Skopje, which are increasingly being covered by the dust of oblivion. The history of the prominent civic families of Skopje can and will never be assimilated. Over time new prominent young progeny will emerge in order to lift up the name of their family even further. This very historic mission has been undertaken by the Institute of Spiritual and Cultural Heritage of Albanians. Its goal is to cultivate the beautiful traditions of our cultural heritage not only to Albanians living in Skopje but also beyond. The National Historical Museum, as an institution of national memory, has organized numerous events in St. Theresa’s honor, pointing out the human values and messages that she has given mankind. Visitors, especially foreigners, have expressed particular interest in the annual exhibitions dedicated to this wonderful Servant of God.”

Dr. Skënder Asani said that: “St. Theresa has shown to the world her passion of humility and selflessness by serving others. Proudly, we can call her “Mother of Love”. We first started this activity in New York then we moved to Pristina. Our journey rests today in Tirana at the National Historical Museum, which coincides perfectly with her sanctification date. As co-author of the book I can say that Mother Teresa could not become a biological mother but became the mother of all mankind. Today, we feel very proud to be her children. ”

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