The activity of Dedë Gjo Lulit

On the occasion of the 103th death anniversary of Dedë Gjo Luli, the National Historical Museum, organized “An Afternoon at the Museum”. The topic discussed was called: “Dedë Gjo Luli’s activity during the Uprising of 1911”. This activity was organized by the Collection Management sector, in co-operation with other sectors at the National Historical Museum. The evening speakers were Dr. Dorian Koçi (Director of the National Historical Museum) and Dr. Paulin Marku (Institute of History, Albanology Studies Academy).

“The highlanders of Hoti, Gruda and Kelmendi, led by Dedë Gjo Luli, fought successfully against the Ottomans. They forced the government to negotiate. The press emphasized that, although the Uprising of 1911 took place in a narrow area, however, the insurgents came up with lots of national demands. They demanded the autonomy of Albania. Dedë Gjo Luli is the symbol of our resistance. He fought to the end for the unification of Albanian lands “- said Dr. Koçi.

Dr. Paulin Marku added that “The Greçe Memorandum Program and the Uprising of 1911 not just brought together the heads of the country but also paved the way for an Independent Albania. The latter was finalized on November 28th, with the Declaration of Independence. The uprising of 1911 was a prelude to this Declaration. Dedë Gjo Luli did not fight for glory but for his country. Glory is seen in his works and contribution to his country. This makes him a hero. Heroes live eternally, for such is their work. Honor of the Nation, Dedë Gjo Luli “.

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