80 years of Italian invasion

In commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the resistance against fascist aggression, the National Historical Museum in cooperation with “Petro Nini Luarasi” high school organized the activity called “80 years of Italian invasion”.

This commemoration was made possible through the participation of historians Dr. Moikom Zeqo and  Dr. Dorian Koci, interpretations and referrals by various high school students, as well as illustrations of photographs of fallen martyrs. For the first time, some photographs of Mujo (Cakuli) Ulqinaku were introduced by his descendants.

The Director of the National Historical Museum stressed that “the main originator of the fascist invasion was the Count Galeazzo Ciano. He was also the son-in-law of Mussolini. He created the idea of a” holistic solution for Albania “. The Italian invasion began on April 7th 1939. It was labeled as one of the first aggressive acts of fascism in Europe. The fierce fighting took place mainly in Durrës, but also in Shengjin, Vlora and Saranda. In Durres, Italian troops faced real courage and bravery by Mujo Ulqinaku, Hamit Dollani etc. “

Dr. Moikom Zeqo made an extensive view of how the fascist invasion began in our country and the steps taken by the Albanian people in this national struggle, while praising the high contribution of Mujo Ulqinaku (Hero of the People)

Mrs. Olsa Ulqinaku, the great-grandniece of Mujo (Cakuli) Ulqinakut, in her greeting speech said that: “The Martyrs of the National Liberation Anti-fascist War are not only a precious symbol of national resistance and the struggle for freedom, but also an  inspiration for posterity . The blood shed wasn’t in vain. This sacrifice was of great importance, so it is our duty to keep these messages of heroism and endurance fresh hereafter. “

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