110th Anniversary of “Dielli” (The Sun) newspaper

The elected panel consisted of Dr. Dorian Koci, Director of the National Historical Museum; Ms. Merita Bajraktari-McCormack, Albanian-American Veteran, Prof. Shaban Murati, as well as many other scholars and benevolent.

In his greeting speech Dr.Dorian Koçi said: “Vatra Society undoubtedly constitutes one of the most successful stories of the organization of Albanians throughout the last century. Established and organized as a reflection of the other societies that Albanians had created in Romania, Bulgaria, Egypt and Turkey, Vatra is famous of embracing the mentality and work ethic of the country where it was created to become a dignified representation of Albanians in the world and to contribute in the establishment and empowerment of the Albanian state “.

This newspaper, the oldest Albanian media, celebrates its 110th anniversary. Its pages, that continue to inform the Albanian-American community, have been a reflection of the historical storms that the Albanian nation has passed, but also a forum for debate and public opinion.

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