National Historical Museum – 37 years ago

Today, we celebrate the 37th anniversary of the National Historical Museum. A team with the best specialists in the country gathered together for the establishment of this national institution. They were historians, linguists, ethnographers, artists, archaeologists, and so on. Everything was well organized and lasted about 3 years, according to the respective sections. The working group was led by distinguished personalities like, Alex Buda, Stefanaq Pollo, Selami Pulaha, Skënder Anamali, Emin Riza, Burhan Çiraku, Kleanthi Dedi, Iljaz Goga, Rrok Zojzi, Abaz Dojaka, Ramadan Sokoli, Enver Faja, Nina Shehu, Vilson Kilica, Fatmir Haxhiu, Myrteza Fushekati, Met Deliu, Aleksander Meksi and others.


The National Historical Museum plays an important role in protecting national identity in the country and around the world. The museum speaks through exhibited objects and their history. This institution is the largest and most important museum in Albania. There are about 5000 objects in the museum’s premises, which belong to a relatively long period of time starting from the 4th century BC and until the second half of the 20th century.

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