“I am Albanian”

   Within the Nationwide Year of George Castriot Scanderbeg, the National Historical Museum in cooperation with the Museum of Kosovo opened the exhibition “I am Albanian”. This exhibition includes photographic materials about the Albanian diaspora. Albania and Kosovo, celebrate 140th anniversary of the League of Prizren and the 110th anniversary of the Congress of Manastir, …

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Mehmet Pashë Deralla 1843-2018

The National Historical Museum celebrated the 175th birth anniversary of Mehmet Pashe Deralla. Deralla was the First Minister of War and the founder of the first Albanian Army. Apropos the National Historical Museum, the Center for International Relations, the Balkan Studies in Tetovo and the Association of Albanian Diaspora for Macedonia organized an exhibition with …

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College NATO

   Within the promotion of national cultural values, the National Historical Museum was visited by NATO college representatives. Honored ladies from various countries such as France, Portugal, Switzerland, Belgium, Lithuania, Norway, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Greece, USA etc, conducted a visit in the pavilions of our National Museum. They were accompanied by the Director of the National Historical …

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First Aid – HEFA Project

   The National Historical Museum was pleased to welcome “FIRST AID – HEFA” project. It is a project of cultural heritage, which focuses on the establishment of human infrastructure and a restoration laboratory, which will treat the archaeological heritage discovered over the years from various expeditions. This event was organized by the Italian Embassy in …

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Memories from Ancient Illyria

“Metropol Theater” Summer Camp visited the National Historical Museum. The children tried to be archaeologists for a day. First, they visited the Pavilion of Archeology, where they were introduced to antique and original objects of the Museum. Afterwards they continued with “excavations” to find the hidden objects. After the discovery, some of the children painted the objects they …

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The Covenant of Freedom 1878

Within the 140th anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren the National Historical Museum opened an exhibition titled “The Covenant of Freedom 1878”. This exhibition shows the full journey of the Albanian League of Prizren. Dr. Dorian Koçi welcomed the attendees by saying that: “The Albanian League of Prizren represents the unity of our nation …

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Me çeljen e Sezonit Turistik 2018 dhe në kuadër të Programit të Transparencës, Ministria e Kulturës ka vendosur në dispozicion të publikut, një numër telefoni për denoncime, ankesa dhe vërejtje mbi rastet abuzive, korrupsionin apo parregullsitë në shërbim, në institucionet dhe qendrat e trashëgimisë kulturore ku ofrohet shërbim ndaj vizitorëve. Për çdo parregullsi ju lutemi …

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Father Antonio Bellusci

   Father Bellusci is a rare Arbëresh scholar, historian and folklorist. He is deeply honored by Frascati’s Arbëresh community, by mayors of the surrounding municipalities, but also by Albanian and Kosovo authorities. Dr. Koçi invited Father Antonio Bellusci to give an open lecture on Skanderbeg, on June 6th, 2018, within Skanderbeg’s Nationwide Year.​

“An evening in the Museum”

    The National Historical Museum organized “An evening in the Museum” on the topic: “An overview at the prison system and concentration camps in communist Albania”. The referrers were Prof.Ass.Dr. Sonila Boçi, Chief Department at the Academy of Albanological Studies, and Director of the National Historical Museum, Dr. Dorian Koçi. Dr. Dorian Koçi, referred …

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