Mother Teresa’s Pavilion

Mother Teresa’s pavilion is dedicated to the life and charitable contribution of Mother Teresa’s missionary (Gonxhe Bojaxhiu). After leaving her hometown in 1928, Gonja entered the Congregation of the Sisters of Loreto in Ireland, where she was named Mary Teresa in honor of St. Teresa. In 1929, Mary Teresa went as a missionary to Calcutta, India. In Mother Teresa’s Pavilion, visitors are introduced to her charity work for people in need. She has received numerous international awards such as the Indian Padmashri Prize in 1962, the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, and so on. The booth boasts pictures of Mother Teresa during meetings with world personalities such as French President Jacques Chirac, US President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister Tony Blair and renowned Albanian painter Ibrahim Kodra. Mother Teresa visited the National History Museum twice. In the collections of the National History Museum are personal items used by Mother Teresa, which add to the curiosity of visitors.