The National Day of Spain in our Museum

The National Day of Spain was celebrated yesterday in the premises of National Historical Museum.

Ambassador Vicente Canelles Montero, after thanking director Koçi, for hosting this activity, said: “I found a country that is making a huge progress towards Europe. Albania is a beautiful country with wonderful people and a very unique culture. My wife and I loved this place since we first came. We have been here only for 110 days and there are still many beautiful places to visit”. In the end, he expressed his gratitude to his predecessor, Mrs. Silvia Cortés Martin, for the outstanding agreement of cooperation with the National Historical Museum concerning the publication of two bilingual catalogs (Albanian and Spanish).

Mr. Koçi, in his greeting speech said, “It is a great honor for me and this Museum, which I represent, that the Embassy of Spain chose, for the second time, the National Historical Museum and this particular Atrium, to organize and celebrate its National Day. It should be noted that these two institutions have already established a very fruitful cooperation, bringing together ceremonies of this nature; a special exhibition on Servantes and, lastly, two Albanian-Spanish catalogs, which will allow Spanish visitors to read our history in their own language”.​

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