“Religion in Albania – the Albanian way”

The Albanian Institute of Integration and Development, the National Historical Museum, the Religious Communities of Albania, the General Directorate of Archives, International and Albanian Higher Education Institutions organized today an exhibition titled “Religion in Albania – the Albanian Way”. The goal is to promote and cultivate the distinguished values of Albanian society and coexistence in religious diversity in peace, harmony and integrity.

The guests of honor in the opening ceremony were:

Director of ICID Albania, Prof. dr. Reis Mulita

Director of the National Historical Museum, Dr. Dorian Koçi

Head of the Muslim Community, Haxhi Bujar Spahiu

Head of the Orthodox Community, His Beatitude, Archbishop Anastas Yannulatous

Head of the Catholic Community, Monsignor George Frendo

Head of the Bektashi Community, Haxhi Dede Baba Edmond Brahimaj

Head of the Evangelical Community, Pastor Ylli Doçi

Dr. Koçi in his welcome speech stressed that: “I am very happy that the National Historical Museum has given his contribution in organizing this event. It is a great pleasure to start an important journey for the maintenance of the tree of coexistence and religious brotherhood in the Albanian society. “

The Orthodox community quoted: “The oil of religion should not be used for hostility! The opposite of peace is not war, but egocentrism and the antidote of the latter is the strengthening of love within the hearts of mankind. God is Love, and the one who abides in Love, abides in God. “

” The coexistence of our religion is deeply rooted. Father Gjergj Fishta wrote about how both Christian and Muslims, all togather, have Albania placed in their hearts and soul. The Pope himself has spoken with great enthusiasm about the harmony between our religions, emphasizing that we are a fertile ground for interreligious dialogue “, said Monsignor Frendo.

The head of the Bektashi Community emphasized that he shared the same idea that such activities are beneficial for religious, political and moral developments for our country. Our tolerance, is an Albanian miracle.

Pastor Doçi, after a summary of the Evangelical History in our country, said: “Christianity is based on the same Gospel. This Gospel is the Good News and is precisely the key core of the Evangelical Community. This community is a product of  free conversion, thanks to this amazing interfaith brotherhood. “

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