Bucharest visits the National Historical Museum.

“Hello, my name is Bukur Esht” comes as a collaboration between the National Historical Museum and the Museum of Bucharest. After this event, a concert by Arlinda Morava (soprano) and Ensemble of the University of Arts (Tirana), directed by maestro Lorenc Radovani, took place in the premises of the National Historical Museum. The selected music by Romanian authors and folk traditional tunes from Korça were the evening repertoire.
Adrian Majuru, the Director of the Museum of Bucharest, said that the visitors, through this exhibition, could see their grandparents, because 100 years ago the large Albanian community in Romania, was ranked second after Israel.
“Culture has no boundaries and is the best opening that unites people and countries in the region. Bucharest has been an important center of the National Renaissance and these pictures bring images from that golden age of Albanian Diaspora. “- said Dr. Dorian Koçi (National Historical Museum)
Afterwards, the visitors were introduced with photos of Bucharest from 1920-1940.

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