The 550th anniversary of Skanderbeg’s death is commemorated with the exhibition “The Epoch”

“Skanderbeg’s personality as a statesman, strategist, and master of military arts differed greatly from that of kings and European princes of the time, because unlike their military activity based on mercenary troops alone, he relied totally on an army formed by volunteers who had a combat readiness and self-sacrifice “. This is what director Koçi emphasized at the opening of “The Epoch”, which commemorated 17th of January 1468, the day when one of the greatest generals, politician, diplomat and statesman of all time, deceased.

Within this Anniversary, the National Historical Museum initiated the opening of this exhibition, which contains medieval exhibitors and various authors’ books devoted to the medieval leader of Albanians. During his speech, Dr. Koçi added: “In his major quest to become Head of the Crusade against the Ottomans, as often comes out of historical records, he attempted to bypass the independence of other Albanian princes and to turn his country into an organized model according to that of medieval France, as a territory governed by a king. At the same time, he had to confront a great power, the horror of the Middle Ages, the Ottoman Empire. That was actually his challenge. ”

“The Epoch” is like a memory and a sign of the Arbëresh community that through its tradition and writings kept the Skanderbeg’s fire burning to revive the memory of all Albanians, just as the Phoenix. According to Dr. Dorian Koçi, Skanderbeg is evaluated and studied today at the Royal Academy of London for his military strategies and tactics, while his busts and monuments are in all central European squares. So, he is a hero and a symbol of European civilization.

“The Epoch” exhibition contains statues, facsimiles, engravings of various authors and portraits, mainly from Marin Barleti’s translation of 1533, which includes about 107 illustrations. Potential authors include Hans Burgmair, Jorg Breu (senior), Jorg Breu (junior) and others. The selection of these engravings, that reflect the spirit of the time, has been made with the intention of seeing Skanderbeg as he looked and experience the Europe of Humanism of the XI-XVI century.

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