“Albanian Cultural Heritage in the World”

Within the framework of September 29th, “The National Day of Cultural Heritage” and “The European Day of Cultural Heritage”, the National Historical Museum inaugurated “Albanian Cultural Heritage around the World”, a photographic exhibition. On this day, we remember and celebrate the Albanian National Heritage as part of the European legacy. All of its material and spiritual values merge to convey to generations our cultural identity.

Dr. Dorian Koçi, said that: “Many of our cultural heritage objects are exhibited outside our territory. Over the centuries, these objects have added value our cultural heritage and history. Many objects, which hold the Albanian authorship, are nowadays in various museums around the world, such as London, Vienna, Paris, Istanbul, Athens, New York, Toronto etc.

This photographic exhibition contains archaeological objects such as the sarcophagus of Meleagrit, the Parmenisk’s stalk, the Head of Ares, Illyrian Coins, and so on. Of particular interest are the sword and helmet of George Castriot Scanderbeg, as well as the weapons used by Ali Pasha Tepelena: long rifle (karajfile), the pistol and the Scepter mace. Various ethnographic objects are included in this exhibition as well”.

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